Monday, December 28, 2015

Different Theory Who Rey Is...

So last Monday, December 21, a friend, George (and not George Lucas) and I were discussing Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, having both went to the opening weekend.  Of course the questions that were left in the movie came up in our discussion and this friend brought forth an idea that I found more than a little interesting.  Having had a chance to assimilate his theory and some more of the movie along with the internet hype of who Rey is, I thought it might be fun to throw his theory out there for the masses to consider.

So the basis of his theory is that the original Star Wars story was built on the father and son relationship and the redemption of the father by the son.  Therefore, George presented this question:  What if Rey is actually the daughter of Kylo Ren?  At first I scoffed and replied that they are the same age but doing the math, Kylo would be about thirty years old (or maybe older if Han and Leia are married during the Return of the Jedi) and therefore he is old enough to have had a child.

So how old is Rey?  Well in the movie, when her 'family' left her, she looked to be three or four.  Later details show that she was born approximately 11 years after the Battle of Endor (which is an interesting way to state her age).  Further research shows that the movie is approximately 30 years after the Battle of Endor.  Approximately is an interesting word in that it leaves the exact years suspiciously out of focus.  So if approximately can be ruled as having a plus or minus of 5 years (17%) that would mean that Rey could be born 6 to 17 years old using the Battle of Endor.  Therefore she could be a daughter of Luke on that lower side.  But that theory has been beat to death.

Now with this new look at +/- 5 years.  Kylo Ren could be 24 to 34 years old (if we guessed the age at 29 taking into account one year after the wedding of Han and Leia directly after the Battle of Endor), well within the possibility of being Rey's father at the upper limit but not so on the lower.  The use of the word 'approximately' in all references to ages of character in the movie seem to be a masking of something.  Remember this is the galaxy that has super computers in chips and such.  Why can't the galactic date be used?  Someone is hiding something here and that is why this theory seems more and more intriguing especially as everyone tries to prove the Luke Rey theory.

So let's take this a little farther.  Luke is training a bunch of Jedi, boys and girls, and we all know how teenagers are.  Or maybe Snoke somehow arranges for Kylo to meet a girl and fall for her. Leia does mention that Snoke was after Kylo from the beginning.  Then like his grandfather, Snoke twists those feelings to create the confusion of the light and the dark furthering a hatred that fuels Kylo's turn to the dark side.

So the mother (assuming she lives unlike Padme), fearing that Kylo, who has fallen, or even worse, Snoke, will look to take the child and twist her to the dark side, finds a remote part of the galaxy, maybe at the behest of Leia or Luke, to secret the child.  If she is a Jedi then she knows that she must also leave the child there alone to keep Kylo or Snoke from ever finding either of them together?  Or maybe the mother dies and Leia or Luke has her secreted there?

If she is in fact the Great Granddaughter of Anakin that would explain why his light saber would call to another Skywalker.

I tend to think that Luke was the one that had a hand in her being sent there because at the end of the movie he looks to be looking at Rey not the light saber hilt and the look changes to recognition.  Although as a Jedi he should have felt her coming too.

Another interesting question, doesn't Kylo seem to recognize Rey in the movie when she force pulls the light saber past him?  He also tries to seduce her to follow him much like Vader did to Luke.

So this would also be in keeping with the original Star Wars of a daughter trying to redeem her father.

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